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We Are the Media Partner of Forward Festival Berlin 2024

Photo: Niklas Schnaubest

As Mercado, we are the official media partner of Forward Festival Berlin 2024, a renowned meeting point for the creative industry. The event, which will take place on August 29-30 in Berlin, will allow us to spend two inspiring days with leading figures of the creative industry.

Forward Festival is set to return to Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin this summer, for the first time, featuring a lineup of over 40 international top-tier creatives from a wide range of fields, including digital art, motion design, graphic design, typography, photography, and much more. Across three stages, speakers will offer insights into their creative processes and provide interdisciplinary inspiration. They will also discuss the industry's hottest topics, such as AI in art and creativity, other future trends, and the importance of a hands-on approach.

The role of AI in the creative industry, particularly for designers from all fields, will be a central theme of the festival's talks. Renowned creatives like Berlin-based Taiwanese CGI artist Ariel Lu will captivate audiences by highlighting the power of fragility in her work using Houdini as her primary tool. Shane Griffin, the pioneering graphic designer and founder of GRIFStudio, will discuss how design can be shaped through innovation in various creative fields such as graphic and interior design. Future Deluxe, a London-based creative studio driven by progress and inspired by the future, will explore their work that combines design, technology, and motion imagery to create coveted visual experiences. The integration of advanced technology with the realm of creativity is expected to be a standout emphasis among the numerous events offered by the festival's diverse program. You can follow the highlights and our interviews with creatives such as Max Siedentopf, Nicole McLaughlin, Viktor Hammarberg, Yuko Shimizu, Kelly Anna, Mélanie Courtinat, Johanna Jaskowska, Olf, Pitch Studios, and Hugo Hoppmann on our Instagram account.


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