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​The word Mercado, which means “public market, market” in Spanish, has a deeper meaning beyond being a shopping area used by local people. A socializing area where the best local products of the city are sold and boutique branches of famous restaurants are located.


The idea of this platform first came to our minds at the Mercado da Ribeira in Lisbon. On the one hand, the most special recipes in the kitchens were prepared by the best chefs in the region, on the other hand, this was a unique environment where people met and experienced these special tastes. Inspired by the same idea; Just as there is a physical "Mercado" where you can discover the freshest flavors of the geography, we wanted to create a digital "Mercado" where we can bring together talented designers and artists who can inspire everyone. Let this "Mercado", where many special people and their projects will take place, also feed us when we are hungry for creative experiences, let us come together and unite with the power of design and art, despite those who say that the world is getting worse.

Welcome to Mercado!

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