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Mercado's First Exhibition "Original By Nature"

Fueled by the upcycling of glass bottles and digital art, the urban agriculture installation transforms art into a living system inspired by water.

New generation art and design platform Mercado presented "Original by Nature" exhibition, focusing on the urban agriculture proposal in the face of the climate crisis. Glass artist Egemen Kemal Vuruşan, digital artist Ecem Dilan Köse, and Ek Biç Ye İç social initiative focusing on sustainable production collaborated for the experience-centred exhibition, which features an urban agriculture installation fueled by the upcycling of glass and digital art. Visitors witness the completion of a life cycle in the multi-layered project, in which an urban agriculture system working with the upcycle of used bottles is at the centre. Bottles that have expired are transformed into artworks by taking on amorphous forms, and plants are grown with the hydroponic farming method. Plants such as basil, lettuce, and chard are grown in the installation are harvested during the exhibition, returned to the table, and used in meals and cocktails. Digital artworks of Ecem Dilan Köse accompany the installation. The installation transforms into a living organism, thanks to the purple light embedded in the digital artwork that nourishes the plants. Ek Biç Ye İç team, which we know with its urban agricultural practices, also participates in the project in cooperation and provides technical support for the system's operation.

The exhibition, which aims to show urban agriculture as an alternative solution proposal in the face of climate change and to be an inspiration, also draws attention to the food crisis, one of today's most critical problems.

You can experience Original By Nature exhibition digitally by clicking the button below.

Glass artist Egemen Kemal Vuruşan
Digital artist Ecem Dilan Köse
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