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Lal Batman at CI Bloom with “Blended Valley”

Multidisciplinary artist Lal Batman meets the audience at House of Brothers Lounge with his new spatial installation “Blended Valley”. The experience, realized in creative partnership with Mercado, is a unique practice in which Batman blends video art, digital manipulation, sculpture and oil painting using digital and plastic tools.

Inspired by the Greek Weird Wave cinema movement, the young artist has created a video piece and an installation of two-dimensional sculptures that serve as a portal to a surreal world. Centering on the green nature of Scotland, the video invites the viewer to a “blended” universe created by various figures that have an important place in Batman's art practice and elements symbolizing the multiculturalism created by the Scottish geography. The cut-out works, which are a continuation of the two-dimensional sculptural practice we saw in the young artist's solo exhibition “The Floor is the Lava” in Düsseldorf, add a new dimension to the “Blended Valley” dream.

You can discover the experience that comes to life in collaboration with Mercado at House of Brothers Lounge as part of CI Bloom until April 28.


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