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Hsieh Chen Lin | Gradient Artist

Glass Reflection

We had a conversation with Taiwanese artist Hsieh chen lin (Damonxart), who explores visual perception through light and color transitions, about his work and production practice.

Who is Hsieh chen lin? Can you briefly tell us about yourself?

Damonxart, also known as Hsieh Chen Lin, explores visual perception through light and color gradients. His gradient corridors traverse the boundaries between reality and illusion, constructing a surreal sense of space and perspective. These unique perspectives and spatial dynamics guide viewers to tap into their most primal and natural emotions.

Your work is characterized by the vivid and multiple use of colors. How has your relationship with color evolved over time and what factors do you consider when choosing the colors used in your work?

I am fascinated by color gradients, so I am always experimenting with different color combinations and exploring the colors associated with various themes, such as the colors of the sky, the nine planets, and the auroras. I love looking up at the sky and admiring those natural and magnificent colors. After organizing these color palettes, I incorporate them into my work, ensuring that each phase of my work is consistent and rich in color.

Mobius Lamp

So far, you have collaborated with global brands such as Apple, Adobe, Xiaomi, Vivo, Razer and Behance. As a result of your collaboration with these brands, what has been the most exciting work for you in terms of the design process and the final product?

The most exciting collaboration for me has been with Apple. For this project, Apple wanted me to create gradient color schemes, which is my specialty. The themes for these color schemes included bands, singers, games, and comics. I thoroughly enjoyed designing gradient colors tailored to different targets and then using these colors to create visuals.

Can you tell us a bit about the production process? Which of the analog and digital techniques are you closer to? 

I mix my gradient colors in Photoshop and create visuals in Cinema 4D using the colors I have prepared in PS. For me, Cinema 4D is like a beaker, and my gradient color schemes are like magical ingredients.

Which work has excited you the most in terms of the design process and the final product?

I believe my recent art series, "TO INFINITY AND BEYOND," is the most exciting. In this series, I focused on capturing the grandeur and beauty of planetary rings while blending flat design and geometry. This approach gives the artwork a planar aesthetic while also conveying a sense of depth that transcends time and space.

To Infinity and Beyond

Can you tell us a bit about the sources of inspiration behind your work? Who are the names you follow with curiosity in this field or in different disciplines?

Initially, when I started creating art, I liked to draw inspiration from the light and color changes I observed in everyday life, such as sunlight refraction, the movement of waves, and the diffusion of smoke. However, recently, I have been more interested in exploring themes related to space and the universe. Viewing my work, one can sense both the subtle inspirations and the vastness of the cosmos.

I am very fond of James Turrell and Olafur Eliasson. They are pioneers in the fields of color and installation art. Their works always move me and inspire me to continue creating.

Are you excited for the future and what are your plans?

I am very excited because I feel I am in a period of abundant creative inspiration. I have many projects I want to undertake but have not yet started. The future holds many possibilities waiting for me to explore and complete!


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