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DIALOGUE: Ken Kelleher | Digital Artist

We talked about his practice and work with Ken Kelleher, a digital artist who presents an extensive series of digital sculptures in courtyards, streets, and galleries worldwide.

Who is Ken Kelleher, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm an artist and sculptor who likes to push creative boundaries. I live in New England in the US on a small farm.

After studying sculpture at Alfred University in New York, how did you transition from the analog world of sculpture to digital production?

About five or six years ago a friend of mine wanted to teach me how to work in 3D. He knew I was an artist and was trying to teach me. Once I was introduced to the Cinema 4D program, I was hooked and started rendering every day as part of my practice. I wanted to place sculptures in real world photographs -there was no limit to this- and I started connecting with teams to help me make them.

Your work with repeated forms, fluid shapes, vibrant colors, or neutral tones redefines the spaces they occupy and creates a point of attraction. Can you tell us the story behind the dynamic forms we often see in your work?

I am always trying to push the countries of expression, so whether it's dynamic forms or more unique materials and forms, I am always trying to make things that didn't exist before.

Your design process seems completely digital, but do you use analog techniques?

I have a large metal outbuilding on my property and do get out and experiment and weld on my own - but the digital approach helps me make the scale and types of pieces I really want to create and enjoy making.

You present an extensive series of digital sculptures in courtyards, galleries, and streets. What do you pay attention to in the relationship between sculpture and space when bringing your digital works to the physical?

Before, I was getting inspired by images of places where I would visualize sculptures into the spaces. The relationships would vary - from activating a space - to being inspired by a Frank Gehry or Zaha Hadid building or another architect - to bring something else to the amazing place I was looking at. Now I am more about making art and place as well. I think things that would inspire me are things like the light or beauty in space - or the feeling of it.

Which of your works has excited you the most regarding the design process and the final product?

My current favorite is the Wave sculpture in Hangzhou. My second favorite is three knitted sculptures I'm currently involved in making for a couple of collectors.

What inspires you, and where do creative ideas come from for you?

Everywhere and pretty much everything.

Are you excited for the future, what are your plans?

Keep pushing my ideas in art and hopefully have the work and career in it continue to grow and allow me more opportunities to do even wilder things.


Who is Ken Kelleher?

Ken Kelleher is an American sculptor. He studied art at Alfred University under sculptors Glenn Zweygardt and William Parry. After college he worked at Hudson Studio, Fine Art Foundry in Niverville, NY where he did finishing work on cast bronze pieces by William Tucker and Anthony Caro, as well as other artists. Hudson Studio was in a shared space at the time with sculptor Jon Isherwood and is in close proximity to Triangle Workshop. Before becoming a Creative Director in Advertising he produced several series of large abstract sculptures, some of which were sold into private collections. Now twenty years later, Ken has returned to having a full time studio practice. He lives and works with his wife of 25 years at Rehoboth in NH.

Ken Kelleher has pieces installed in Buffalo and Alfred NY, Doha, Qatar, China and one in production for Indonesia. Small pieces will be available soon through J Steven Manolis Gallery in Miami soon as well as large commissions for private estates and public spaces.


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