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CryptoArt Talk: Lisa Odette


We talked with illustrator and animator Lisa Odette, who explored the female figure through basic shapes and bright colors in her 2D to 3D artworks.

Who is Lisa Odette? Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Lisa Odette is a 3D / 2D illustrator and sometimes animator who like to play with deconstructing the human shape and stylizing it to its limits in colorful and simple compositions. She also likes to experiment with different techniques and workflows, playing with 3D printing and making figurines with different materials.

You explore the female essence through basic shapes and bright colors.What is the story behind the female figures we often see in your work?

I’ve always liked to draw girls, as a self expression mostly, I came to the conclusion that my “ladies”, as I like to call them, are always in a state of contentment and contemplation. Maybe is a form of escapism or wanting to manifest that feeling in myself. I started drawing my current 3D and 2D ladies about three years ago, before 2020, but in that weird year is when I had more free time and focused it on drawing whatever I wanted, just like when I was a child with no stresses or obligations. The result is a simple game of stylization and composition, without any specific goal, just to have fun.

The color palette you use in your works is quite remarkable. How does the color palette you prefer contribute to the story you want to tell?

I purposely chose to have a quite restricted and bright color palette, compose by primary colors or subtle variations of them. That was a choice that helped me get q more coherent style, something I lacked for many years. Also I use these colors becase I find it a bit more challenging but rewarding to restrict yourself in some way when creating, feels like completing a puzzle and not every piece fits, it has to make sense, at least in my head. Ans well, I find these bright and catchy colors to be fun to watch, so why not use them in my pieces.

Lisa Odette x Johana Kroft

Honestly it feels nice to see that the NFT scene is still here, more quiet, less noisy, and now is mostly composed by people who want to create art.


How do you see the potential of NFT technology for the art world, what excites or worries you?

I’ve been in the NFT art scene for a couple of years now. When I first found out about it I thought “this is it, the moment I’ve been waiting all my life” because before that I never thought I could make a living creating art. As a new technology it has its ups and downs, now the market is down everywhere and the “bubble” had exploded long ago. Honestly it feels nice to see that the NFT scene is still here, more quiet, less noisy, and now is mostly composed by people who want to create art. There are always things that makes you think about where the crypto art is going, like nowadays AI art is exploding in use and popularity, and in sales. A lot of things are in need of a regulation now, and they will be in the future so I don’t really stress about it, I just create and have fun.

Who are the names you follow with curiosity in crypto art?

I follow a lot of artists in the crypto space, with very different styles and that’s one of the great aspects of nft art, before I was very focused on just 3D and now I’m surrounded by so different talents. Some of the artists that I look up to are @MadMaraca @BumpieJunkie @GriffCrypto @betty_nft @Em0n33y @_GRADIS_ among many many other talents and projects.

Are you excited about the future? What are your plans?

Yes I’m excited about the future. I’m just planning on creating more art and balancing it with freelance projects. Who knows where the future is going, but what is true is that the future of crypto art is coming to us quicker than I ever thought it would.

Blue Girls


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