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3 Poster Designs Selected by Özge Güven

TBWA Istanbul Design Director Özge Güven, who has many local / foreign awards and has been featured in international publications such as Creative Review and Lurzer's Archive, shared her 3 inspiring poster design picks with Mercado readers.

"During the pandemic period, while many brands and institutions have severely restricted the communication activities to be seen on the street, the number of works produced in the form of posters has decreased considerably. While making the selection, it is not easy and a responsibility to highlight only 3 works among the dozens of works that excite me. I tried to choose works that assume the status of being a 'poster'. The effect is strong at first glance, intriguing, and the ability to play with it intelligently by taking advantage of the ability of the poster medium attracts me so much, so I used my right of choice on these works. "

Vagina Monologues

Vagina Monologues, Fons Hickman

"Vagina Monologues, without producing a new 'form', visualized the simplest narrative with writing, alphabetical characters in return for speech, makes you look and wonder."

The German graphic designer Fons Hickmann, who has received numerous awards for his innovative and modern design language, is known for his work combining typography with graphic design. Hickmann, who creates complex communication systems in his designs, is one of the pioneers of experimental graphic design. The designer, who is also a professor at the University of Arts Berlin, has been actively working on literature in areas such as media theory and graphic design in popular culture.

Bavarian State Opera Poster

Bavarian State Opera Poster, Mirko Borsche

"Exemplary opera posters for those who take advantage of the abilities of their media ... The fact that the posters are hung side by side on the street and this is a job that has been able to solve this situation in the design process, the reverse is also a meaning of hanging straight ... It's clever and effortless. It is the muse for me for these reasons."

German graphic designer Mirko Borsche's career stretches between corporate advertising and progressive cultural design work. His career, which started as the art director of the Mini group at BMW, took a different direction in the 2000s when he launched NEON, one of Germany's most successful magazines. The designer, who also manages the creative directorship of Die Zeit magazine, is also known for his designs for operas, orchestras and theaters. Managing the Munich-based design studio that bears his name, Mirko is considered one of the design legends of modern Europe.

Bayerische Staatsoper opera posters
Borsche’s logo design for Venice Biennale
Truth, Lie, Utopia

Truth/Lie/Utopia, Mehmet Ali Türkmen

"I would like to share a guiding work that takes you slightly deeper in the context of the subject in which it is produced according to the other two works, catches it with its fresh image even if it does not say anything directly, and takes it to the right place."

Mehmet Ali Türkmen, a graphic designer who has taken his place in the permanent collections of institutions such as Museum fur Gestaltung Zurich, Poster Collection Colorado State University and Fort Collins with his books and posters, said that he founded his agency in 2003, “ It is a shrinking, independent and small workshop, but with a wide range of action ”. Having many awards with his illustrations, book covers and posters, Turkmen's cartoon album "So Well ...", which he released in 1991 and dedicated to those who did not grow up, is considered one of the most important masterpieces of Turkish caricature, kneaded with poetic black humor.


Özge Güven completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in the field of Graphic Design at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. She has produced many works for the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts since 2010 on behalf of the Istanbul Biennial, Design Biennial, Film Festival, Theater Festival and various topics of the foundation. She is the design director of TBWA \ Istanbul in 2014. After the first prize at the Cannes Lions Design category in Turkey, Turkey is a first counted for the D & Yellow Pencil award category name again she won. In 2019, she was shown among 9 successful women who stood out in different fields such as business, science, art and design in the "Most Creative 50" list determined by MediaCat magazine and in the organization named "Women Making a Difference".

Some of Özge Güven's prominent design works:


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